Operational Service


Our Operational Service puts the workload for checking, re-calculating, tracking of optional payments, contact research, claim presentation, communication and follow-ups to us.

→ You just have to issue an invoice.


Your main benefit

As a training club you know the time consuming process, the emails and follow-ups and the unclear outcome of your effort. 

What we do:

  • Ask the National Association to send the official player passport. And follow-up with the National Associations regarding the dates. This might take  a few weeks.
  • Re-calculate the claim, based on the player passport.
  • Research the contact of the debitor and the responisble person.
  • Write friendly reminders.
  • Write the demand note.
  • Calculate the actual claim and the conditions.
  • Inform our client which amount to invoice.
  • Follow-up on optional payments.
  • Inform our client when an optional paiment is due.